Desktop UV Sterilization Lamp

Desktop UV Sterilization Lamp


Desktop UVC Lamp for Virus Disinfection

Model Number: H36A

Product Material: ABS,Alloy

Use: Disinfect Virus/ Coronavirus / Covid-19 / Germ,etc

Certificate: CE Rohs


Premium Anti Covid Sterilization Products From Leading Suppliers In China

Coronavirus disease or COVID – 19 has changed the world that we once knew. The transmission of this disease is what makes the virus even deadlier and that has forced all the sectors to focus on SOPs while maintaining their day to day business. Yiwu Ruiao Technology is one of the few companies in China that has introduced revolutionary solutions by combining specialized R&D experience with medical knowledge to create premium anti covid sterilization products. The multi-purpose usage of these products is what makes us stand out as our products are not only beneficial for your in-depth sterilization, but also to your routine bacterial checks that can be done in a matter of minutes.

Advance Sterilization Technology From Exclusive UVC Sterilization Supplier

We are also widely known as one of the top UVC sterilization supplier and one of our leading products, UVC air circulation disinfector, is the perfect technology that can help you eliminate viruses and sterilize the area in less than an hour. Also, the unique style of the product makes it adjustable within a variety of spaces and would perfectly fit in medical rooms while accompanying the design of your private space as well. One of the major problems that are never addressed with air disinfector products is the harmful effect it could have on the health of people however the air produced by UVC Air Circulation Disinfector leaves a nice scent to space and does not have any harmful effects on the health. It sterilizes the air and kills 99.99% of the virus in its surrounding.

Yiwu Ruiao Technology – Tackling Covid-19 With High-End Anti Covid Sterilization Products

Our R&D department has always pushed themselves to improve and adapt to the ever-changing environment and that has always provided us with an edge over our competitors. Not only that, but it has also pushed us to introduce revolutionary products that could tackle the COVID-19 virus most adaptively. One of the key aspects that make our Anti covid sterilization products unique is the integration of advanced UV lights that helps detect areas with a higher risk. One of the main concerns that revolve around this deadly bacteria is its ability to remain on a surface for a couple of hours and if those areas are not sterilized properly, that could cause a major widespread which will then be hard to control. To contain the virus, UVC lamps for virus disinfection are the perfect products that can easily identify those high-risk areas and can help to disinfect those areas as well. What makes these products unique is their availability in different shapes and structures that can cater to multiple sectors.

UVC Sterilization Supplier With Unique Lamp Designs

We have created high-tech sterilizing solutions with unique designs such as wall-mounted lamps, desktop lamps, and ultraviolet germicidal lamps that can be set up in almost every space due to their compact size and have the ability to sterilize large areas within a short period. Other products such as handheld sterilization lamps, tube UVC lamps, and ultraviolet disinfection rods are perfect for those hard-to-reach areas as they can help you identify surfaces and materials that carry the risk of COVID-19 widespread while also sterilizing those areas at the same time. A great benefit that caters to these premium products is the exclusive services that we offer to our buyers and clients. As a top-end UVC sterilization supplier, we can guarantee that bulk buying of these products would be advantageous as it would provide you with exclusive rates and fast delivery options will also be available across the world.[/read]



Rated Power: 36W

Voltage: 110V-220V

Tube material: Quartz Pipe

Light Wavelength: 253.7nm

Size: 485mm*245mm*250mm

Lifetime: 11000 Hours

Timing: 3 gear timing

Remote Control: 10m wall cross control

Weight: 2.0kg

Space Cover: 60sqm

Colour: Black/White/Green/Pink

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