Tube for UVC Lamp

Tube for UVC Lamp


UVC Tube for Virus Disinfection — Regular shape / H shape / U shape

Product Material: High Quality Quartz

Use: Disinfect Virus/ Coronavirus / Covid-19 / Germ / Ozone Generator

Certificate: CE Rohs


Leading UV Light Tube Manufacturer!

Providing Light tubes is common but providing UV light tube is something totally rare. We provide top quality lights that are widely seen in clinics for X-rays, and in hospitals, while doing operation so patients do not get distracted or disturbed due to lights.

The Rio Rico Tech is counted among the leading UV light bulb manufacturer who plots, test and produce unique UV light tube, and lamps made with an innovative and patent-protected solution, unlike other light tubes available in market.

Obtained with tremendous quality standards in the industry, the UV light tubes, and disinfection lamps are eco-friendly and offer a chemical-free substitute for germicidal applications.  Being one of the leading and dedicated UV light tube manufacturer, we thoroughly support research and development to proceed with improving the quality, reliability, efficiency, and performance of our UV lamps.

Why Choose Rio Rico Tech For UV Light Tubes?

When you choose Rio Rico Tech as your UV light tube manufacturer and bulb supplier, then you’ll certainly get access to the top-notch quality in all our UVC lighting products, including disinfection lamps, and a wide range of railroad bulbs.

The credit also goes to our evergreen relationships with globally reputable UV light tube manufacturer, in partnership with which we’ve become a top competitor in the market, and strive hard to reach the utmost standards.

We’re here to cater to your needs with a one-stop solution as we know you not only need a UV light tube but a complete package including; fuses, sockets, lamp holders, along with other industrial lighting products.

Common Applications Of UV Light Tube

There is not just one or two, but heaps of reasons why UV light tube manufacturer are highly demanded. Some of the common applications of UV light tube include;

Wastewater plants
Commercial kitchens
Pools and spas
Food processing facilities
Science labs
Medical testing facilities

If you need more information related to UV light bulbs as the right solution to fulfill your needs or got further concerns about lighting products, then we’re just a call away! We will guide you to make a wise decision, and we will also help you explore the right products that can match your requirements.

What a UV Light Bulb Do?

The main function of the UV light bulb is not the illumination, but to release a frequency of ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria, viruses, and other biological pathogens.

The radiation denatures their genetic material and sterilizes them, this what makes UV bulbs highly suitable for; cleaning culinary surfaces, treating wastewater, disinfecting medical equipment, and other hygienic treatments.

We provide ultraviolet light bulbs with different wavelengths for phototherapy, special effects, and air/water purification equipment. In case if you are having a problem getting your required ultraviolet bulb then contact our toll-free number to get guidance from our lighting specialist, we’ll surely help you find the UV light tube which you’re longing for.

Many other UVC lighting products offered by Rio Rico Tech are designed to make sure our clients get the best out of our product and services. Our Just-in-time Manufacturing and the Rapid Prototype programs do exactly that by giving decreased lead times and expanded adaptability.

Besides, since we possess and work with one of the most exceptional glassworks in Europe, we can fabricate germicidal delicate glass and 3mm – 38mm fluorescent glass surprisingly fast.

More Queries Regarding UV Light Tube Manufacturer? Get In Touch With Expert for Assistance

At Rio Rico Tech, we ensure not only to facilitate you with the best lighting products as we can, but we also help you guide you with the complex world of UV lighting bulbs and UVC lighting lamps.

To get a statement, present an RFQ via a catalog. Or, you can also get in touch with us through our email or contact number for any concerns you might have regarding manufacturing criteria and installation.

Light Wavelength — 253.7nm for direct virus/germ-killing or 185nm for ozone generate, up to customers’ requirement

Lifetime — 8000 – 15000hrs

Rate Power  & Radiation Power — Up to the requirement of customer

Remote Control — Available

Shape — U type / H type / Regular Type, etc

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