Product 60

Product 60

Material:UHMWPE Fiber, UHMWPE
Feature:BULLET-PROOF, Light Weight, Anti-UV, High Strength, Abrasion-Resistant, high tenacity
Place of Origin:China
Product Name:UHMWPE Fiber
Craft:Gel Spinning
Delivery date:30 days
Production capacity:150 Tons/Month
Packing:Inner Plastic sealed + Carton box (Pallet if necessary)



Tenacity (cN/dtex):≥34/32

Modulas (cN/dtex):≥1300/1200





Get high-quality UD Fabric Wholesale from Yiwu Ruiao

If you are searching for a leading china UD fabric exporter and are interested in trade with a trustworthy Ud Fabric, you are in the right place. Our UD Fabric is plain-woven from continuous aramid fiber yarn, custom-made to twill weave cloth, and uni-directional material. It has several outstanding characteristics, high strength, flame resistance, high toughness, heat resistant, bulletproof and shock-absorbing. Our customers buy UD fabric wholesale and use them in the insulation, aerospace, and construction fields. We are the leading China UD fabric supplier as our fabric is one of the most commonly used composite materials worldwide.

The manufacturing process of UD Fabric

China UD Fabric manufacturer made UD fabric by two plies of uni-directional UHMWPE fiber, the substrate:

  • We spread out each ply using high-tech equipment.
  • Our experienced team member glued the two plies together using a high-strength and high-elastic resin. We dip it with gumming and thin film.
  • Manufacturing equipment pressed the two plies at 90°, and we got Yiwu Ruiao’s non-intersecting and uni-directional fabric.

The outward feature of UD fabric wholesale is thin fabric slices. Our uni-directional fabric is an ideal composite material with the highest impact resistance of any fabric. Therefore, our fabric is suitable for ballistic material. Our high-quality fabric causes the bullet fragments; after the breakage of a projectile to bounce off.

Why Choose Us?

Contact us, the China UD fabric exporter, for:

  • Our professional sales team will deliver the best service and competitive market prices.
  • Free samples provided.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Worldwide market: USA, China, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, etc.
  • Delivery on time. There are various advanced production lines with a monthly output of 100,000 square meters of carbon fabric.

Reasons for choosing our UD fabric:

  • Good radiation
  • UV resistance.
  • Provide excellent resistance to acid, alkali, and other chemical corrosion.
  • Offer smooth surface; low friction coefficient; not easy to fluff.
  • The elongation at break is around 3.5%, and the bending fatigue resistance is.
  • Extremely high resistance to cutting and abrasion
  • The fiber density is 0.97
  • The strength is 40% higher and two times greater than carbon fiber; it is the most increased chemical fiber.
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