Product 79

Product 79

Material:UHMWPE Fiber, UHMWPE
Feature:BULLET-PROOF, Light Weight, Anti-UV, High Strength, Abrasion-Resistant, high tenacity
Place of Origin:China
Product Name:UHMWPE Fiber
Craft:Gel Spinning
Delivery date:30 days
Production capacity:150 Tons/Month
Packing:Inner Plastic sealed + Carton box (Pallet if necessary)



Tenacity (cN/dtex):≥30/28

Modulas (cN/dtex):≥1300/1200





Buy Colorful Twisted Yarns From Rio Rico Technology

At Río Rico Technology, we want our customers to be well-educated on how yarns work. It will give you the confidence you need when shopping for yarn or yarn products.

We, the China twisted yarn supplier, are leading the development and construction of a fully automated industrial yarn manufacturing plant. Our plant focuses on producing high-quality materials for environmental filtration, automotive safety, fishery ropes, safety protection, structural reinforcement, etc. We utilize advanced multi-end spinning equipment in manufacturing, which is a self-developed patent for invention.

Río Rico Technology nurtures dependable alliances with agents and dealers to supply innovative yarns to leading textile manufacturers in the world. Our wide range of twisted yarns is the raw material for a wide variety of universal fabrics that people use every day. With the combination of hardware and software breakthroughs, we possess the world’s most advanced manufacturing facility for industrial yarn. China twisted yarn supplier provides you with detailed information related to washing and other fabric concerns.

What are the benefits of our twisting yarn?

Let’s look at three benefits that our yarn twist has on the end product.

  • Fiber strength – Twisting fibers together create them strong. Twisting two threads together makes the yarn tougher to break. Adding a third strand increases the power even more.
  • Continuous length – When the manufacturers twist yarns from fibers of different lengths, the constant length becomes long. It is how the manufacturers made all shapes and sizes of textiles.
  • Fray resistance – Even a tiny twist reduces the possibility of fraying and keeps the fabric from being damaged by abrasion. Each time the thick yarn is twisted, it makes the fibers stick to one another harder. China Twisted Yarn supplier provides all of these benefits, with equal and machined twists.

Significant yarn and fabric properties are listed below.

  • Yarn strength
  • Moisture absorption
  • Wearing properties
  • Aesthetic effect
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