Product 38

Product 38

Material:UHMWPE Fiber, UHMWPE
Feature:BULLET-PROOF, Light Weight, Anti-UV, High Strength, Abrasion-Resistant, high tenacity
Place of Origin:China
Product Name:UHMWPE Fiber
Craft:Gel Spinning
Delivery date:30 days
Production capacity:150 Tons/Month
Packing:Inner Plastic sealed + Carton box (Pallet if necessary)



Tenacity (cN/dtex):≥34/32

Modulas (cN/dtex):≥1300/1200





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UHMWPE yarns are an excellent option for high-tension, high-moisture, and high-abrasion applications. Río Rico offers different grades of UHMWPE, so it is essential to select the type and color for your application. You can contact our qualified customer support team for detailed information about products and services.

Applications of Uhmwpe Yarn Wholesale

UHMWPE has a wide variety of usages from medical to manufacturing, are:

  • Ballistics gear, such as body armor
  • Sports gear made for skiing, skydiving, and fishing
  • Automotive industry equipment and parts
  • Marine industry ropes, cords, and textiles
  • Many types of ropes and cords
  • Food and beverage industry processing
  • Manufacturing and bulk handling equipment
  • Industries such as mining, minerals, civil engineering, and earthmoving

Key Specifications:

Our products’ key specifications make us known worldwide as the top colored uhmwpe yarn exporter

Basic description

  1. Ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) yarn
  2. Denier from 20D to 3000D in various choices
  3. Specializing in chemical fiber over 12 years  experience
  4. The tenacity of RW max 36G/D
  5. All of our products passed SGS RoHS Test Report
  6. Customers can customize color and Packing
  7. Below 150D, the item has separately process
  8. Our benefit is high tenacity industry yarn
  9. provide monofilament and Multifilament

Quality guarantee of our yarns:

  • High strength and high modulus, the tenacity is up to 15 times that of a good quality steel
  • Abrasion and fatigue resistance
  • Anti-aging and anti-UV capability
  • Corrosion and seawater resistance
  • high electrical resistance
  • Low dielectric constant and dielectric loss factor
  • Low density: 0.97g/cm3, lighter than water
  • Temperature resistance: the strength and modulus increase at low temperature

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