UVC Disinfection / Sterilization / Air Purifier Lamp for Car Office

UVC Disinfection / Sterilization / Air Purifier Lamp for Car Office


UVC Disinfection / Sterilization / Air Purifier Lamp for Car Office

Product Material: ABS

Use: Disinfect Virus/ Coronavirus / Covid-19 / Germ,etc

Certificate: CE Rohs


Rio Rico Tech – The Leading Air Purifier Supplier

Are you looking for the best air purifier models to make a safe, and breathable environment in your residential, or commercial place? Rio Rico Tech is here at your service as the leading air purifier supplier to help you provide a secure and breathable air quality environment at your premises

Our provided air purifier supplier are made with the absolute best air purifying technology, as we use the newest automation and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure you receive the most reliable air purifier supplier at the highest quality.

We use State-of-the-art-German engineered ICI motors which are more dependable, and use up to 90 % less energy, and are quieter when compared to your competitors at the same airflow. This saves you significant energy costs, is better for the environment, and gives you confidence that your air purifier will last for a long time.

Also, you can distinguish all our air purifier supplier , UV, and UVC products from other competing purifiers on basis of our simple design, elegant appearance, and no redundant features. We work with many leading manufacturing experts to further innovate our carbon filters. Not just that, our company owns a global value with an effective sale revenue from many countries around the world

How Air Purifier supplier from Rio Rico Tech Can Fulfill Your Air Quality Concerns?

We acknowledge that commercial and industrial companies have different air quality concerns; with regards to it, our “On C air filters” are customized to provide a complete solution, and safe to use for individuals who’re allergic to dust, smoky air, and have asthma, which is widely witnessed in many places.

All our air purifier models have the highest air filter rating and the most filter media of any air purifier. Hence, it’s easy to see why our products are used in so many hospitals, homes, and schools. Besides, we can also help you choose the right purifier for your specific needs

We always take the challenge, strive hard to win it by accommodating our clients with all those major concerns for which they approach any renowned air purifier supplier and manufacturer. Our major hallmarks include; incredible quality, consistent innovation, convenience, utility, and reasonable price.

What Makes Our Purifier Models Worth Considering?

Considering Rio Rico Tech as your only air purifier supplier can get you to witness the following perks such as;

  • Professional Factory

We are established as a certified professional factory and also known as; OEM air purifies with ROSH, CB, CE, Certification with an amazing R&D Team

  • Expert Sales Team

At Rio Rico Tech, we are always enthusiastic to put the effort into providing mutual benefits and create a brighter future in the air purifier field.

  • Exceptional Factory Management

Our sales representatives are highly experienced in this field. Hence we have successfully proved our mettle as certified and satisfied factory management.

Striking Features of Our Supplied Air Purifiers

As a dedicated air purifier supplier, we never let a chance to miss any opportunity that can help us bring close to our clients, and provide something useful, safe, and environment friendly for them. With regards to it, some highlighting features of our air purifier models include;

  • Wi-fi air purifiers which can be controlled via smartphone
  • Air quality indicators give accurate updates on air quality
  • Saves money, and reserve energy
  • Other features include: enable easy mobility, caster wheels, multiple fan speeds, remote controls, & filter change indicators

What Size of Air Purifier Model We Have?

We own different size air purifier models such as;

Small: These air purifiers are intended for individual space or rooms up to 299 square feet

Medium: Best for rooms somewhere in the range of 300 and 699 square feet

Large: The big size air purifiers are suitable in rooms somewhere in the range of 700 and 1,900 square feet.

Wide Areas: Check out our entire house models

For more queries on air purifier models, contact on our toll-free number, we are just a call away! [/read]


Power :  15W

Size:  92*87*213mm

Weight:  660g

Color:  Pink Blue






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