Mosquito Trapping Lamp

Make Pest Free & Safe Environment with Mosquito Trapping Lamp!

Does your business deal with any food and beverage industry? Then you ought to retain a healthy and safety standard, to protect your brand reputation. This can be done by keeping restaurants and kitchen free of flies and insects. The most effective and hygienic way to do this is with our top-quality mosquito trapping lamp.

The cutting-edge mosquito trapping lamp by Rio Rico Tech is specially designed for the food and beverage industry. They release precise UV light wavelengths which attract insects, draws them in, then remove them.

What Makes Mosquito trapping Lamp a Safe Solution?

This sterile, mosquito trapping lamp efficiently works by attracting and killing mosquitos without any use of harmful chemicals, smoke, or dangerous high-voltage equipment. As compared to other related products, our manufactured killer lamp uses 6 low-voltage LEDs to attract flying mosquitoes.

An ultimate safe solution to kill mosquitoes for almost every location. It is made with abs plastic, so there is no chance of harmful fumes, heat or high voltages. It comprises of removable insect trap and clean equipment.

How Useful Is Our Killer Lamp for Your Restaurant or Any Work Premise?

We take pride in providing something safe, useful, and prolific products for your business that is either a restaurant, child’s nursery room, or any other industrial premise. Some best features of our mosquito trapping lamp include;

·         Protect from Unwanted Bugs

The mosquito killer lamp efficiently attracts and removes unwanted pests like; bed bugs, flies, mosquitoes, spiders, beetles, moths, and cockroaches. Additionally, the light is implicit with fan draws that reaches internal and removable waste basin plate and makes for simple removal.

·         Universally Compatible

This mosquito trapping lamp is useful everywhere since it is universally compatible to any socket. The bulb is Ultra-Violet dark light with an 86.4-inch power line, and 120 volts of intensity.

·         Effective & Powerful

This mosquito executioner light further contains a progression of photocatalyst lights that are irresistible to mosquitoes, and thus get attracted to the trap; the inside fan then pulls mosquitoes inside and cease them from escaping.

·         NO Pesticides, No Chemicals, & No Odor

The innovative mosquito trapping lamp from Rio Richo Tech finally lets you get off all flying insects and bugs without any use of dangerous chemicals or pesticides. It is maintenance-free and easy to use. You just need to plug-in a mosquito trap lamp with a USB and make the entire area mosquito free

·         Quite & Safe Operation

This effective mosquito trapping lamp is tremendously safe and hygienic. It allows a safe and quite operation without requiring any high-electric voltage and zapping sounds while quietly eliminates mosquitoes. Safe to utilize day in and day out and might be utilized at territories with children and pets. The UV light tube can work beyond 20,000 hours

·         Provides Feasible Operation

Due to its functions, it works like one as well. Just plug it in and it will pull in troublesome bugs. No devices required, simply plug it in and it’s good to go for problem-free use.

Product Features & Specifications

  • Integrated UV Light Attracts Insects
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • High-Voltage Electric Zapper Pest Control
  • Effectively removes unwanted bugs & pests
  • Weather-Resistant Waterproof Housing
  • Covers extra-wide area
  • Rugged & Durable Construction

Product Specifications

  • Rechargeable power source
  • Made with plastic material
  • Suitable for both Indoor & Outdoor
  • Type: Suction Trap

All our UV and UVC lighting products are designed under the direction of our expert quality controllers. Our products are demanding fine functioning, high strength, and strong construction. Also, we can make it customized as per your requirement.

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