Why should you use the UVC light for Disinfection?

Why should you use the UVC light for Disinfection?

The UVC light that is invisible to the human eye is known as Ultra-Violet light. The UVC disinfection light manufacturer offers a light that occupies the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and X-ray. This type of light coming is hidden from the human eye but can disinfect microorganisms, including protozoa. The Ultraviolet lamp supplier offers a highly effective method to disinfect surfaces against harmful organisms and is considered chemical-free.

How does it work?

UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C are three divisions by the UVC lamp manufacturer.  The UV-A category of UVC light has the longest wavelength; then, the UV-B has the shortest compared to UV-A, which UV-C follows.

The handheld UV light sterilization works well to fight the microorganisms and finish their DNA to keep the space healthier and safer. The Ultraviolet light treatment is a rapid, sufficient inactivation of microorganisms by a physical process. The germs such as viruses, bacteria, and protozoa become inactive and are incapable of repeating when exposed to Ultraviolet light. Moreover, the leading UVC sterilization supplier can demolish all the chemical contaminants such as insecticides, industrial solvents, and pharmaceuticals. Because of the high UV light wavelength, the handheld UV light sterilization primarily breaks down the microorganisms’ nucleic acid. The organisms are considered dead, and it eliminated the risk of disease.

 Various Benefits of using a UV light for Disinfection:


The UV disinfection light has low energy costs and saves users money for years due to its unique property that uses lenses without maintenance costs over the product’s life.


UV light works quickly, safely and is easy to maintain and use. The UV light tube manufacturer provides a guide book with it, which gives a complete step by step process of usage.

Environmental Friendly:

UV light is environmentally friendly. There are no harmful intermediates that arise and just cost energy.


UV light system wants annual service once installed and does not need any transportation, storage, or toxic handling.


There is no poisonous chemical left behind when you use UVC light Disinfection. It is compound free as it is a physical process; there is no harsh chemical in the cleaning and sanitizing products.

Easy installation:

The next advantage of an air purifier supplier is that you can easily install it in your space such as offices and hospitals and ready to be used as desired. So you can disinfect your rooms anytime.

UV Disinfection Devices:

  • Handheld UV Disinfection Lamp: Handheld UV light sterilizer has a rechargeable portable lamp, user-friendly, and kills bacteria 99%, pathogens making the environment clean and sanitize.
  • Lux UVC: The Technology is advanced to clean the space in just a few minutes removing, 99.9% of all the microorganisms. It primarily offers full room UV-C light cleaning by placing multiple disinfecting tripods in your room to disinfect the area carefully.
  • Electro Lux: Ultraviolet lamp supplier technology provides complete electrostatic spray facilities cleaning by electrically charging the chemical solution; when released, it speedily bonds the surface instead of falling to the floor.
  • UV-C Sanitizing Light: It primarily used ultraviolet rays consuming power of over 1.5 watts per square meter. The lamp used in this can sanitize an object within one meter for a minimum of 30 minutes.
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