Another Technology Advancement: UVC Air Disinfection Machine

Another Technology Advancement: UVC Air Disinfection Machine

Breathe safely with another incredible advancement of technology, the UVC air disinfection machine! It pulls out all the airborne virus, bacteria in a room and disinfects indoor air with all the microorganism, or any airborne disease generated by occupants of the room

As we know that pandemic has surrounded us from every corner, every single person around the globe is somehow surrounded by people who’re already infected with covid19, yet not aware of this. Due to cough or sneeze, a little droplet fallen on the ground can be enough to spread the virus on the ground. Thus, poor ventilation can be a source of spreading the virus.

In this situation, a UVC air disinfection manufacturer now provided the best solution. The disinfection machine cleans all bacteria from the room, and thus provide secure air to breathe. Now every commercial building be it; hospital, clinic, restaurant, or even leading industries and organizations use UVC disinfectant lamps, bulbs, and systems to enable a secure environment for people to stay safe from catching any minor extract of virus

Let’ take an insight into the basic working of this UVC disinfection system.

How does UV Disinfection Machine / System work?

Not like chemical approaches considered for water disinfection, the UVC disinfection machine provides an instant and operative inactivation of microorganisms using physical processes. When any virus, bacteria, and protozoa get exposed to germicidal wavelengths of UV light, they don’t get much able to reproduce and infect

The UVC disinfectant light demonstrates an efficiency against pathogenic organisms, especially those responsible for polio, cholera, hepatitis, typhoid, and other viral, bacterial, and parasitic diseases. Additionally, UV light (either in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide or individually) can destroy chemical contaminants like; industrial solvents, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals via the UV-oxidation process

Microorganisms are deactivated by UV light due to harm to nucleic acids. The high energy-related with short frequency UV energy, principally at 254 nm, is consumed by cell RNA and DNA. This ingestion of UV energy shapes new connections between neighboring nucleotides, making twofold bonds or dimers.

Dimerization of bordering molecules, particularly thymine, is the most notable photochemical mischief. Improvement of different thymine dimers in the DNA of microorganisms and diseases thwarts replication

What are the Safety Advantages of UVC Disinfection systems?

The main perks of UV disinfection system as safe advantages are;

  • Since UV is a chemical-free process, so it has nothing to do with water or adds nothing to water only except the UV light
  • The UV treatment makes no cancer-causing sterilization results that could antagonistically influence the nature of the water
  • UV requires no transportation, stockpiling, or treatment of harmful or destructive synthetics – a wellbeing advantage for plant administrators and the encompassing network
  • UV disinfectant system is quite effective for deactivating a massive range of microorganisms like; chlorine-resistant pathogens which include Giardia and Cryptosporidium. UV can be utilized (alone or related to hydrogen peroxide) to separate harmful synthetic impurities while at the same time cleaning

Is there any Particular disadvantage of UV radiation as a Disinfectant?

The main drawback of UV light rays is; it only works when receiving a perfect measure of energy. UV light is successful for microorganisms not for synthetic substances. Photochemical harm brought about by UV might be fixed by certain living beings.

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