The Best Protection System

The Best Protection System

Undoubtedly, ultraviolet light has proven itself to be immensely effective whenever it’s being used as part of your HVAC system for purifying and cleaning the air in your home and escalating your overall indoor air quality. Wouldn’t that be good for your health and the environment both? It’s exceedingly effective in removing the germs and bacteria, while alleviating cold and flu germs, and hence, keeping your family healthier and stronger. It also obliges in reduced smells and odors while removing volatile organic compounds from your indoor air. Ultraviolet technology is widely used for the effective treatment of tuberculosis. Certainly, it is being harnessed and used in a plethora of settings – including hospitals, restaurants, and residential homes.

UV lights for HVAC systems

Altogether, there are two kinds of UV lights provided by the ultraviolet lamp supplier

  • Coil sterilization often involves a stick-type of light inside the return air duct that plays a crucial role in sterilizing the coil. It runs persistently and is the most commonly used UV light on the face of this planet. Dirty coils can play an imperative role in producing what is known in the industry as “dirty sock syndrome” – Well it tends to have a musty smell in the house that you just cannot tell where it comes from. A UV light often combats this musty odor.
  • Air sterilization plays a crucial role in completing a UV light unit that helps in sterilizing and moving air. Since it is installed in the return air duct but plays a crucial role in cycling with the air-handler blower.

Through the installation of UV lights in your HVAC system, it is effective in killing a wide range of materials that can make your family sick by polluting the indoor air quality of the home. You must have professionals that are implemented an indoor air quality evaluation for mitigating the existing problems. This involves several steps that are related to your ducts and installing proper filters.

However, the next step involves installing the UV light that’s placed in the HVAC system. For enjoying the benefits of UV light, the system has to be maintained regularly by exceedingly experienced professionals.

Amazingly, the overall cost of UV lights can be as little as a dollar hundred a year, which includes all kinds of replacement bulbs. They must be replaced annually and drawn very little electricity, making the annual cost quite minimal yet amazing.

The future of all types of overhead UV lights in hospitals, public settings, and residential homes could prevent the overall spread of dangerous, and sometimes deadly yet highly viruses.

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