Get The Premium Quality UVC Disinfection Lamp From Rio Rico Tech

Get The Premium Quality UVC Disinfection Lamp From Rio Rico Tech

Are you concern about how to prevent yourself from not being infected by germs and viruses? Then Rio Rico Tech is the go-to place for you. We are the leading online UVC lamp manufacturer who promises to provide you high-quality UVC Disinfection Lamp. Our company has 100% tested, and quality proves UVC Disinfection Lamp which ensure your safety.

Being a reputable UVC Disinfection Lamp manufacturer, we strictly emphasize product quality, reasonable price, and excellent services as we care about your health, and your health is our top priority!

Why is a UVC lamp necessary?

UVC radiation helps us to disinfect harmful germs and microbes from water, air, and nonporous surfaces. We are serving these UVC Disinfection Lamp for years to reduce the number of bacteria that can cause tuberculosis. They are usually known as “germicidal” lamps as they reduce the risk of causing various viruses.

How can UVC Disinfection Lamp is helpful?

UVC Disinfection Lamp may increase the safety risk by providing specific dose, wavelength, and radiation exposure duration. Rio Rico Tech is here to offer our customers the best quality lamp with the appropriate amount, a wavelength that you can use at your home or workplace daily.

We care about our customers and want them to choose the best of best for themselves. If you do not select or use it correctly, it may be harmful, and too much exposure may lead to health problems. So, we have an expert to guide you about the dose, wavelength, and disclosure to make you safe.


A person directly exposed to the UVC radiation may cause burn-like skin reactions and painful eye injury. So in it necessary to have a high-quality UVC Disinfection Lamp to prevent such mishappening.

So, we recommend you not to look at the lamps directly. The Rio Rico Tech has a wide range of lights with various wavelengths depending upon the model and your requirements.

Mostly some low-quality UVC Disinfection Lamp generates ozone, which can create airway irritation when inhaled. Moreover, it can damage certain materials, including dyed textile, plastic, and polymers.

Moreover, some UVC Disinfection Lamp contains mercury, and if the lamp broke, it would be very harmful to your children and yourself. So, we make sure that using our highly protective and safer lights will not put you in a situation as they are highly protective.

Effectiveness of our UVC Disinfection Lamp

Our lamps turn out to be highly effective for reducing the virus and germs from the surrounding. Still, they cannot kill the bacteria and viruses if a person or the place is exposed directly to the infected object. Also, Our UVC lamp does not comprise mercury, unlike spiral CFL and linear fluorescent bulbs.

So, we have experts to guide you about the correct UVC radiation dose you require to disinfect your surroundings and provide you UVC Disinfection Lamp according to your requirement. Moreover, you should clean the UVC Disinfection Lamp because if the dust or soil comes across, they may not be that but effective.

So, the lamps’ effectiveness differs from object material, dose, wavelength, and the situated area. We provide proper health and safety risk guide with our products and special instructions.

Applications Of UVC Lamps

They have multiple applications

  • It is beneficial for hospital and medical environments.
  • It is suitable for the medical store to sanitize the surroundings and keep the environment safe.
  • It is helpful for the food and beverage industries to make hygienic food.
  • It helps you in pool cleaning and disinfecting the pool
  • It is useful for cleaning wastewater.
  • It is relaxing and hygienic for the spa.
  • Water treatments
  • help to sanitize air quality in hospitals and schools.

Why choose Rio Rico Tech?

Rio Rico Tech products are highly durable and reliable because our experts have more than ten years of experience designing the best high-quality FDA-approved disinfected UVC lamps applicable in various places.

Moreover, our UVC lamps have premium quality at a reasonable price that meets your standards and even has low-cost maintenance. We are proficient enough to supply and meet your necessities and to comfort you increase your industry in broader horizons.

Please choose us and save your money, time, and health now!

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